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Good Day

This may be a stupid question but...
If you have a public datatable used for info between programs visual studio
Public Shared DtRptDisc As New DataTable("DtRptDisc")

If the case scenario is that you want to refresh the datatable and you do as follows
DtRptDisc = New Datatable

Is this creating a duplicate instance ? or recreating the same instance?
Meaning that the previous Datable is still resident in memory as was not disposed?
So meaning is this cycle repetitively done will this chew up resources? Does not seem to but unsure.

What I have tried:

Google Search, Have not disposed of the datatable in the App as currently or continuously in use so a global resource been used all the time.
Updated 21hrs ago

1 solution

If you want to make sure the DataTable is disposed, you can use a using clause in C# like this:
using (DataTable table = new DataTable())
  // your code

For the VB.NET syntax see: Using Statement - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]
Grid-Code 7hrs 15mins ago
Hi RickZeeland

Appreciate the c# Snip
So New Datatable disposes the Prior one - Brilliant

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