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Microsoft tells Windows 10 users to prepare for the November 21H2 update
You thought you'd be safe because all the cool kids are moving to Windows 11?
Industry News ZDNet 22 Oct 2021 5,719
Industry News Neowin 22 Oct 2021 1,869
AMD and Microsoft issue fixes for Ryzen CPU slowdowns on Windows 11
Now taking bids on what this fix will break
Industry News Engadget 22 Oct 2021 1,454
Make sure you research these 3 things before your next job interview
Research them, because that headhunter isn't researching you
Developer News Fast Company 22 Oct 2021 2,589
A simple but effective mental health routine For programmers
"Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it"
Developer News Smashing magazine 22 Oct 2021 3,523
Developers: Intel's automated debugging tool ControlFlag is now open source
Then they came for the debugger and I did nothing as the build was broken and I had to figure out what the AI did to it
Developer News ZDNet 22 Oct 2021 964
Atlassian survey shows lack of collaboration in software development
"Everybody's talking at me. I don't hear a word they're saying."
Developer News DevOps 22 Oct 2021 1,080
watching Dune 2021; no spoilers
The reviews must flow
Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Oct 2021 1,301
Microsoft thinks my time is worthless.
Imagine how they feel about their testers' time (oh, wait. That's you)
Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Oct 2021 1,625
Optimization for Machine Learning Crash Course
In this crash course, you will discover how you can get started and confidently run algorithms to optimize a function with Python in seven days.
Tips and Tools Machine Learning Mastery 22 Oct 2021 87
18 Machine Learning Best Practices
There are several areas where data scientists, software developers and DevOps engineers need to work together in order to make a high-quality product.
Tips and Tools Rubik's code 22 Oct 2021 384
Arm Looks to Supercharge IoT Software Development
Chip designer Arm has created a platform designed to make it easier for developers to quickly design and build software for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Tips and Tools The New Stack 22 Oct 2021 101
Deploying A Deep Learning Model on Mobile Using TensorFlow and React
We cover how to build a cross-platform mobile app (for both iOS and Android) using React Native and TensorFlowJS React Native adaptor
Tips and Tools Towards Data Science 22 Oct 2021 75
Build ML powered experiences with Windows Machine Learning (WinML) and Intelligent APIs!
Today I want to talk to you about Windows Machine Learning (WinML). I’ll also talk about how you can use Intelligent APIs, an abstraction over WinML to build Machine Learning powered experiences in your applications on Windows with very few lines of code.
Tips and Tools #ifdef Windows 22 Oct 2021 124
MLOps and DevOps: Why Data Makes It Different
Machine Learning’s deployment stack is maturing
Tips and Tools O'Reilly Radar 22 Oct 2021 47
Raspberry Pi: This new add-on will let you connect Lego to your creations
Lego and Raspberry Pi are teaming up to let users take their projects to the next level.
Tips and Tools ZDNet 22 Oct 2021 265
Science And Technology Techcrunch 22 Oct 2021 780
The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice
Because the best way to run your life is following the advice of people on social media
Science And Technology The Verge 22 Oct 2021 917
Windows update expiration policy explained
Does this mean I'll need to update my updates?
Industry News Windows IT Pro blog 21 Oct 2021 2,330
Industry News Bleeping Computer 21 Oct 2021 1,929
Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name
MiSpays? Freundster? Facey McBookface? Second, Second Life?
Industry News The Verge 21 Oct 2021 2,178
Microsoft publishes developer details for coming Windows Subsystem for Android
Because nothing says 'productivity', like using an app designed for 360x640 on your 4K screen
Developer News ZDNet 21 Oct 2021 1,414!)
Code your web pages in a web page
Developer News Visual Studio Code 21 Oct 2021 2,159
Hired’s 2021 State of Tech Salaries
"But if you ask for a raise, it's no surprise that they're giving none away"
Developer News Hired 21 Oct 2021 4,064

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